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Professional instructors help you define your efforts and sharpen your focus, regardless of your experience. 
Ask someone who's been to one of ours, or who's been to someone else's school; There IS a difference!


You will work with Bucking Stock that best fits your age, experience, athletic ability and goals as closely as is possible.  We'll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals. Please Note: We teach rodeo events and the animals are not trained. We do our best and work hard to match the livestock with your abilities, but we can't make you an athlete, change your mental or physical condition, or help you lose weight in a weekend. Come into this realizing that Rodeo is NOT T-Ball.


We provide our students with top quality equipment for their chosen event. From gloves and helmets to bull ropes or saddles - we will loan you everything you need except your boots. 

Saddle Bronc Riding boots should never be ropers, lace ups, or rubber soled, for both functionality and safety reasons. We recommend the rodeo specific competition boots that are designed specifically for maximum effectiveness in all of the rough stock events, but you can "get by" in the Bare Back or Bull Riding with a decent fitting western boot with at least a walking style heel. The critical issue is a solid heel counter (where the spur sits on your boot). Most standard western boots, ropers and other rope style boots are among the worst, don't have a good solid heel counter. They break down fast, causing your spurs to move out of position. Another problem is a lack of protection for your ankle and foot where contact is made with the spur and in the event of getting stepped on or having an animal run you down the bucking chute or fence.


Check-In at all schools (unless otherwise specified) is 8:00 A.M.  the first day.  We want to cover as much as possible while you are there. The last day is normally over mid to late afternoon but depends on how much livestock students want to get on that day. We don't work by the hour. We work for you and we stay until you are finished!

The first day at every school after student check-in, we make sure all students have the right gear (theirs or ours) and set up or tune up equipment as needed. We ensure each student has quality gear that meets their needs. Sankey Rodeo Schools is the ONLY rodeo school to provide a complete line of Professional Rodeo Equipment for FREE OF CHARGE for student use at every one of our schools. After every student is set with quality equipment for the weekend, we go through a number of drills and practice routines, as well as staff lectures, demonstrations, and review of the various aspects of the bucking chute procedure, riding skills, dismounts techniques, etc. Every aspect of rodeo will be covered in the duration of the school: from explaining what quality gear is, how to identify and size it, how to set it up, and how to use it correctly. We show each student how to correct riding techniques and learn new fundamentals and skills for your events

Every section of riding is followed with video review of the student rides. The videos act as a training tool which enables staff members to point out details from each ride and allows students to see and visualize the adjustments that need to be made.  

The second and third (on three day sessions) day of the school will start with bucking stock at 9 am. The same routine will be followed each day with expanded review and training after each session of bucking stock. After a break for lunch, another round of stock is bucked.

Our expanded Professional Staff allows us to have someone at the bucking chutes (making sure things go right for the students) and someone in the arena (to discuss every ride when a student gets off) at all times. Depending on the location and size of the school there may be multiple staff in your event. We always have the best staff to student ratio in the sport of rodeo.

We explain and practice the correct dismount procedure (pick up men for BB and SB, normal dismounts and hang up procedures for BR) and perfect bucking chute techniques as well as safety concepts in all events.

Every day (except the final day) is finished out with open ended evening classroom sessions to cover any and all aspects of what it takes to be successful in the rodeo business including wisely choosing traveling partners, money management, sponsorships, training and conditioning, and where to go with your talent after the school, plus any other issues students bring up.

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