Sankey Rodeo Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I just show up at the school and pay the tuition there. 

Due to stock bookings and pre-school planning, there is an additional $125 fee to show up without pre registration and payment.

Q.  Do you provide equipment or do we have to bring our own?               
We supply a full line of top of the line rodeo equipment (excluding boots and cleats) for each of our students to use FREE of charge. If you own your own equipment, we encourage you to bring it so we can evaluate and tune it up as needed. 

Any wester style boot will work for the Bare Back Riding and Bull Riding.  If possible for the Saddle Bronc Riding you want NO Rubber Soles, at the least a Walking Heel… NO Ropers with that low heel, NO Lace Ups, NO Extra High Tops.  The More stream lined and the flatter the shank the better for a Bronc Riding Boot  

Q. Can I return or exchange equipment purchases?
We will gladly exchange anything you buy from us, with the exception of custom orders.  If you want to exchange an order, please call 417-263-7777 to let us know. We’ll give you the shipping cost for the exchange, and ship the new item when the original order is returned to the address below.  Please include a note with your return detailing what you want it in exchange, and the shipping address.
There is a 25% restocking fee on any returned items.  If you want to return an order, please call and let us know.  Then ship it back to us at the address below, with a note requesting a refund and the address to which we will send your refund check for the amount of your order, less the shipping cost.
Sankey Rodeo Schools
3943 Sycamore Church Rd
Branson, MO 65616

Q.  Are meals and lodging provided as part of the tuition?
Only at New Caney, TX and Zolfo Springs, FL is lodging on the grounds provided FREE for students (sleeping bag/cot facility with on the grounds showers). 

Meals are served on the grounds at a reasonable concession fee.
All other locations have area lodging, many who offer student discounts.  Lodging information will be emailed to you at sign up for any school AND you can access that same information on any rodeo school date/location on our site. Just click on the school location. At the top of the page you'll see a link For "REQUIRED Participant Information".

Q.  Do you provide pickup from area airports and/or bus stations?
Only for New Caney, TX flying into "George Bush International Airport.  We need your travel information well in advance so we have time to arrange the pickup: arrival date and time, airline name and flight number, your name, and a contact number.

Q.  What is the risk of injury at your schools?
When you deal with livestock the size of rodeo animals there's no way to promise the elimination of all potential injuries BUT we do have the highest and best safety rating in the sport.  We have been chosen to do the safety seminars for Pro Rodeo, the National High School Rodeo Assn., the National Little Britches Rodeo Assn., The American Jr. Rodeo Assn., and so on.

We match the quality and caliber of livestock (from beginner stock to pro stock for those who need it... and everything in between) with the student’s age, experience, physical condition, athletic ability, and ambitions as closely as possible. PLEASE NOTE: We are not dealing with trained animals and cannot make you an athlete or change your physical condition or your mental state in only a three or four day training session. We do our best to put you on the stock best suited for your ability and will always advice when you need more drills, etc. first (as we've always done at all schools).

We also use the best safety gear in the sport the best and most used protective vests, helmets, the "Brain Pad" mouth guards, quality riggings, saddles, and bull ropes.  By doing so our rate and severity of injuries is far below that of what you'll see in any rodeo or rodeo association.   

Q.  Do you take FEMALES at your schools?
YES! We have many active former students in the Women's Professional Rodeo Assn., many men's minor league rodeo assns., and the only full membership holding female in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn. (P.R.C.A.) in a rough stock event. If you've seen Reba McIntyre's video "Take that Mountain" Kyla, a former SB student, is the female bronc rider featured in it.
We have female students participate in Bare Back, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding, and Clown-Bullfighting.  You'll have a big time with our program as well as being challenged and treated with respect by our staff. If it's what you want to do go for it! You'll never regret the adventure and experience or have to wish you had tried.

Q.  Is there an age limit on your schools? When am I too young or old to start?
We only limit the age on Jr. Bull Riders to 13 and under.  It's up to you to determine at what age your kids are old enough to learn and be coachable in a particular event.  The Jr. Bull Riding is set up for those nearing the High School Rodeo age wanting to transition from Steers to Bulls.  

Our adult age students ranges from teens looking to begin their rodeo careers to 20 and 30 somethings working towards advancing their skill level all the way into the adventurer thrill seekers in their 40's and 50's - We've even had a student who was 70 years young!
Your physical condition and attitude will matter far more than your age. 

Q.  Can you do the "Vision Quest Adventure BULL RIDING Experience" at any rodeo school location?
Absolutely! The Vision Quest Adventure is a great option for those thrill seekers looking for a once in a lifetime adrenaline rush! Just let us know that is your ambition coming into the location of your choice and we will make sure you have an adventure weekend you will never forget!  

Q.  Can you attend only one day of a school?
Yes, BUT the tuition will not change and we highly recommend making arrangements to attend each day of the school. IF you must miss any of the school, we ask you cut it off the last days of the school as the first day is when we get each student's equipment set up, go over how to use it, and cover all of the ride essentials and safety concepts for each event.

Q.  Will I get individual attention at your school?
All you want.  Our staff is there to make your rodeo school experience the the greatest, most productive weekend of your life. We don't work by the hour, we work for you.
Each ride is discussed in the arena and again during video review sessions.  We work one at a time on drills and training exercises and do daily classroom sessions that are open for discussion, questions, and review of any topic students are interested in. 

Q. What workout(s) or conditioning program would you suggest for rodeo?

We suggest the program outlined in the book "Body For Life".  It covers everything from strength training, endurance training, nutrition, and attitude.

We don't work for them and are in no way affiliated with the Body For Life company, Lyle is simply a believer in their approach to conditioning and life as a whole.

Q. Do I have to have MEDICAL INSURANCE to do the school? Can you suggest some Insurance Companies? What is the GROUND SCHOOL all about?
You do have to have medical coverage to get on bucking stock or to fight bulls.  
-You may choose to get "short term" medical coverage.  

If you need help finding insurance: This information is intended for those who do not have a medical insurance policy and wish to pay for insurance that will cover them while they attend a rodeo school. The information provided here is for your benefit and in no way sold by, for, or connected with Sankey Rodeo Schools. It's listing is a service to you, our valued client... Medical Insurance that will cover you in rodeo activity - call the following number 719-338-3428 and ask for Jim Chamley or e-mail him at or call toll free 877-445-6088

-Another option is to participate in the "Ground School" - It involves you in every part of the rodeo school except getting on livestock or actual bullfighting bulls: classroom sessions, "IL TORO" bull riding training unit/and the BB/SB Training Unit, and all other drills, lectures, demonstration, films, video review, student handouts, and "lifetime student discounts" on rodeo equipment purchases. Tuition cost for ground school students is $60

Q. Can I use my own equipment at the school or do I have to use Sankey Rodeo School owned equipment? 
If you have quality gear we encourage you to bring and use it at the school as you'll be using it to compete after the rodeo school has ended. We do keep a complete line of Professional Rodeo Equipment available FREE for student use at every location. We want you to have the best possible experience while you are with us and having quality gear to ride with is essential to your success.

Q. If I send my deposit in and then something comes up to where I can't attend the school, do I lose my money? 
You have up until 14 days prior the school and/or when the school fills up to get your deposit back or have it transferred to another school. There is a $35.00 office charge on all returned deposits to cover staff time, phone calls, Credit Card charges, etc.

*NOTE: There is no charge to transfer the deposit to another date or location, provided you contact us with that information prior to 14 days before and/or before the session you were originally enrolled in fills up. We post on the site when an event is full.
-If a military commitment causes you to need to change your enrollment, please let us know 14 days prior to the school date if possible. In the case of last minute deployments, with a note from a commanding officer explaining the situation, then we will be happy transfer your deposit to another school free of charge or return it, less the office fee. 
-Finally, if you have a medical emergency we will, of course, return or transfer the deposit with a doctors written confirmation of treatment.  We ask that you get that to us prior to the session you were enrolled in.  That can be emailed easily so we have it in plenty of time. The sooner you can call or have someone else call the more it can help us avoid paying for livestock for a student who will not be at the school.
-Refunds will be made via check from our business department. Due to high credit card fees, we do not issue refunds through credit card companies. Thank you for your patience on this matter.  Refund checks will be promptly issued and mailed as soon as we receive your information.

Q. Does my Deposit apply to the total Tuition Fee?
Yes, your $100.00 deposit is applied to the balance of your tuition which is due 14 days prior to the first day of your chosen school location. 

Q. Do I need experience riding horses to attend the school?
Not at all. The horse riding experience may help you understand the temperaments of animals but the skills are very different (like water skiing vs snow skiing). 

Q. Do I need experience in rodeo to attend the school?
Not at all. In fact, it's often easier to learn the right way from the beginning so you won't have to relearn and break bad habits that aren't working for you anyway.