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Bull Fighting Overview

There is a lot of different preparation training done before you get into the arena in the Bull Fighting event.  The bullfighting coaches will work with you on equipment, positioning, training drills with our bullfighting trainer, etc.  You need only to bring cleats (football and turf shoes are most commonly used) and loose fitting clothes to fit over the protective gear.  We will provide FREE for use while you are with us at the school, the Professional Bullfighter Protective Shorts and Vest.  When you are ready to purchase your own, at the school or anytime for as long as you are involved with the sport, you get discounts on the gear through us.  Just one of the many perks that go with attending our school(s).

Obviously, if you have your own gear bring it so it can be checked out and you can use what you will be using after the school is over.


You'll be in the arena when the bull riders are riding so you can work with your coach on Cowboy Protection.  That's normally the main focus the first day of the school so you can gradually work into more Free Style Bullfighting.  You'll have opportunity to learn about the Entertainment Bullfighting done at rodeo events as well as the popular Competition Bullfighting that's available today.

Understand that you will not be asked to step in or do anything you aren't ready for.  Your coaches will work with you and encourage you to stretch your abilities and expectations each day of the school, but not in any way try to put you in over your head.  It's about getting you the information and helping develop the essential basics that you will build on the rest of your career.


From a business standpoint we'll work with you on a limited basis while you are with us on several important topics and then remain available for ongoing support after the school is over and into your career.  That would include all aspects of Marketing; Getting Jobs, Pricing Yourself, Developing Sponsorships, etc.  If you are interested in Working the Barrel you need to contact me in advance to be sure we can have a barrel that fits you available.  


If you are interested in developing acts and comedy that's something we can have our coaching team do with you after the school and as you move ahead with your career.  That is so you won't be too divided at the school and to give the majority of time to what needs and has to be done there where we have the livestock and arena.  I have a great staff network that will, regardless of who the point person is coaching at the school you attend, work well with you later.  It's something we've all agreed on and it makes everyone on the team better and makes what we can do for you a much more complete package.

(click here for information on our clown/bull fighting barrels)


                   Bennie Patrick (left) - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, competition, free style), comedy, clown barrel Cory Wall (right) - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, competition, free style), comedy Clint Hopping - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, competition, free style)


Dusty Lapp - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, competition, free style) Chaz Fish - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, free style)
Darrel Vinson - Bullfighter (cowboy protection, competition, free style)
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