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Basic Bull Riding Quiz


1) Which hand is best to ride with?
A. Your strongest arm hand
B. Your dominate hand
C. Your non-dominate hand
D. The hand opposite for the one you feel the best holding up for your free hand
E. Doesn’t matter since you can go back and forth
F. Either hand is fine

2) Which spur offset (the amount the shank turns in toward the bull) is the best for bull riding?
A. The more offset the better
B. Very little offset as you need to learn to turn your toes out 
C. It depends on which side you buck off of most
D. It depends on if you spur bulls or not
E. It depends on how much you turn your toes out
F. 15 degrees offset
G. 22 1/2 degrees offset
H. 35 Degrees offset
I.   45 Degrees offset

3. What is the best length of shank for bull riding spurs?
A. The longer the better to get more hold on the bull
B. Short shanks allow you to keep your feet in the bull better
C. 2” shank
D. 2 1/4” shank
E. 2 1/2” shank
F. None of the above

4. Which spur straps are best for bull riding?
A. Any spur strap will work fine
B. The 1” roller buckle style is best
C. Lighter spur straps are best as they are less bulky so you can move your feet better and faster.
D. Heavier spur straps are best as the weight helps keep your feet down
E. Nylon spur straps are best because they are strong and light weight
F. Any of the above

5. What rowels are best for bull riding?
A. The basic 5 point, conventional rowel
B. The rowel that gets for the most grab is best
C. The wider the rowel the better
D. The more expensive the rowel the better
E. The rowel used by the most contestants around me is best
F. Any rowels will work fine

6. What is the best height for a bull rider?
A. Taller is better because you have more leverage
B. Shorter is better because your center of gravity is lower
C. 5’ 7” is the ideal height for a bull rider
D. 5’ 8” is the ideal height for a bull rider
E. 5’ 9” is the ideal height for a bull rider
F. None of the above

7. What is the best weight for a bull rider?
A. 135 pounds
B. 145 pounds
C. 155 pounds
D. 165 pounds
E. 175 pounds
F. Lighter is best because you can move better light
G. Heavier is best because weight slows the bull down slightly
I.  It’s different for every bull rider

8. What weight of chaps is best for bull riding?
A. Lighter so they don’t pull you off center
B. Heavier so they provide more protection
C. Any weight will work well
D. It depends on your height and weight
E. It depends on the trim, fringe, and design
F. None of the above

9. What are the best boots for bull riding?
A. Ropers because the low heel will help prevent ankle injury
B. Custom Competition Boots
C. Any boot will do fine
D. It depends on your riding style
E. Lighter boots are best
F. Heavier boots are best

10. Which aspect of conditioning is most important for bull riding?
A. Strength
B. Flexibility
C. Endurance
D. Weight Control
E. Ab conditioning
F. All of the above
G. Physical conditioning isn’t that important for bull riding since it’s only 8 seconds

11. Which is the best attitude/temperament for bull riding?
A. Aggressive
B. Calm
C. Cautious
D. Eager
E. All of the above
F. None of the above

12. Which Bull Rope plait is best for the tail?
A. 5 plait
B. 7 plait
C. 9 plait
D. A or B
E. It’s a matter of personal choice

13. Which Bull rope plait is best for the Handle?
A. 5 plait
B. 7 plait
C. 9 plait
D. It’s a matter of personal choice

14. What is the best lacing choicer for a Bull Rope?
A. Half Lace
B. Full Lace
C. All Skip Lace
D. No lace at all
E. Full/Skip Lace Combination
F. Any of the above is fine

15. Which is the best length for a bull rope?
A. Standard Length
B. An extra foot on the tail
C. An extra foot on the body
D. Both B & C
E. Any of the Above
F. Depends on what size bulls you are getting on

16. What is the best age to start riding?
A. 6 years old
B. 8 years old
C. preteen
D. teen years
E. Early Adult
F. Middle Age and Mature Adult
G. Any of the above
H. None of the above

17. Where is the best part of the country/world to be from for a bull rider?
A. Texas
B. California
C. The midwest
D. The eastern states
E. Brazil
F. Canada
G. Mexico
H. Any of the above.

18.  What is the best mouth guard to wear with a helmet?
A. Any will do 
B. You don’t need one with a helmet
C. “Brain Pad” Lo-Pro 
D. None of the Above
E. Any of the above
F. Other

19. What is the best simulated training available?
A. A stationary barrel on the ground
B. A 4 post bucking barrel
C. Might Bucky 
D. The Leffew Trainer
E. Il Toro
F. Any of the above
G. Other

20. What is the most important thing to get better as a bull rider?
A. Getting on bulls in competition
B. Getting on bulls in the practice pen
C. Practice on a training unit
D. Mental practice
E. B and D
F. All of the Above

21. What is the primary cause of hang ups in bull riding?
A. Bucking off away from your hand
B. Poorly made bull rope
C. Worn out bull rope
D. B and C
E. Too much rosin
F. A “Suicide” wrap
G. None of the above


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